PVR Industries

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About Us


PVR has been established in 2017, is a precision component machining and manufacturing company based in Pune, India. PVR is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company offering wide range Carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous and Ready-to-Assemble components. With years of experience in the manufacturing & Engineering Services business, has set the standards at the highest level of quality & value for manufacturing of high precision machining components, prototype machining for modified wheel & rim assembly for WFT, Design & Manufacturing of dies, Design & Manufacturing of Cable trays/Ducts, Special purpose machines, etc. Our highly experienced team has led the industry in manufacturing quality high products for the most demanding industries & applications. Our highly qualified staff of engineers work together in our manufacturing centre, ensure that every custom design project is manufactured to our customer's exact specifications & meet virtually any specification. To ensure we deliver only the highest quality product to our customers, every product is tested prior to delivery.

Why Choose Us?

We are proud to have worked with a diverse range of clients from a variety of industries, such as Automobile, Defence, Construction, Mechanical, Chemical, Dairy and food processing services. Through this experience we have developed a rich understanding of each sector, but we’re continually developing for new ways of solving our client's unique challenges. We connect, explore, create, empower and grow together.


Our Vision is to become one of the biggest manufacturer and exporter of industrial Values for the Precision , reliable and fulfiling requirements of fertilizer


Company's vision is aptly complemented by management with a mission to create value for our customers by meeting or exceeding expectations by partenering with the customer

Quality Policy

We are commited to provide total customer satisfaction through our quality products,
continuous updating our technical competence and services

Business Goals & Objectives:

In the achievement of our strategy the following tasks have been defined,
that at the same time take into consideration the present and define the future of our company:

Improving quality

Improving quality is a key manufacturing objective. Companies must produce quality products that meet or exceed customers’ expectations and minimize waste. Quality products can help to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales and improve customer retention.


Companies set cost-reduction objectives to ensure they can offer competitive prices and make a profit. Manufacturing teams can cut costs by reducing inventory, sourcing from lower-cost suppliers, increasing productivity, automating processes and implementing quality .

Increase flexibility

By setting increased flexibility as a manufacturing objective, companies can meet a wider range of market requirements and improve competitive advantage. Establishing flexible production facilities enables companies to offer customized products tailored to customers’ needs.

Great Time Management:

The path to a productive workday is time management. With manufacturers, there are so many different tasks taking place throughout the day, which means being efficient with time is all the more important.